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Kollár BélaGreetings to all preferred customers, newcomers, musician and professor colleagues, students and music lovers! Welcome to our new website!
While introducing Victoria Music Store’s rich supply, we would like to give you a full, thorough picture of how many instruments and accessories can be found in the world of classical music. With short descriptions, pictures, and practical links, we help with orientations however we can. We also like to show how many things you can find and learn about, try, buy or get fixed in our store. All this, in an intimate environment, with highly skilled professionals, and a warranty.
We provide for anyone who wants something different, or something more than what most webstores can offer in our range of services. Of course, in case you are unable to visit our store in person, you may order the desired items by e-mail, and we will mail it to you.
We try to shape the offers and services based on the needs of our clients. We welcome your opinions and suggestions in the future as well.
Visit our instrument store, even just to look around, so you can get to know us! Follow our website, where you can stay up to date on instrument exhibitions, instrument workshops, courses and other events!
You can find us at the centre of Buda, 15 Feny Street, right behind the Mammut II shopping mall, and across the Millenaris Park. It is easy to find by public transportation, and for drivers as well, because there are garages both on the surface and beneath it.

Looking forward to meeting you very soon!

Bela Kollar
oboe artist and instructor

Company history

Victoria Music company was founded in 1993. Mr. Bela Kollar as an oboe artist, had already more then a decade of professional experience, especially because he has been the member of Symphony Orchestra of Hungarian Radio since 1981.
At the beginning we were making oboe reeds in different levels. Soon we were making many other own products, all reed related items.
This was followed by oboe, bassoon and all kinds of wind instrument distribution. In a very short time, we were qualified to represent in Hungary some famous brands. In few years, we were distributing all types of wind instruments and accesories. Shortly after we started the distribution of all kinds of string instruments, strings, cases etc., then later rare instruments as harps and harpsichords.
After all the classical instruments, accessories and classical music related items were covered, we opened a new store, oriented in modern music and modern instruments, right beside the existing shop. It has all types of guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, digital pianos, synthesizers, amplyfiers, and so on.
We offer a large scale of music sheets, both classical and modern music kinds. To provide a full service to our customers, in our instrument workshop highly skilled fitters are waiting for all kinds of wind and string instruments, to repair.

Thats how our company moto became real:

Instruments, music sheets, repairs,
You’ll find everything in one place!

To whom do we recommend Victoria Music store?

  • For anyone who likes classical music, quality and high-skilled services and advices;
  • To those who require elegant and intimate surroundings, equal to music art, and friendly, high-skilled services;
  • To those who require a wide range of offers;
  • To those who wish to find everything in one store, whether it be instruments and accessories, or simply getting their instruments repaired;
  • To those who want not only what was mentioned above, but who also find reliability and warranty important;
  • To those who want the best value for their money.

Visit our store, and find out yourself!

What do we do to keep our customers satisfied, and attract more of them?

  • We only sell quality products, even for student and low price instruments, and accessories as well;
  • We provide a large range of offers, and first-hand information about any sales and news;
  • We repair the instruments only with high-quality, fabric parts;
  • We take care of any special needs you may have;
  • You can test our instruments in peaceful surroundings in our sound isolated rehearsal room;
  • We provide discount prices to preferred customers, music professors and students;
  • Our newsletter subscribers get first hand, quick information about exhibitions and events;
  • If you dont have time to visit us, you can order by e-mail, and we will mail it to you.
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